Share n’ Share: Stories about magic

While I work on Render, the next story of Aligare, I want as many people as possible to read Remedy and Ravel. I figure it couldn’t hurt to y’know, share and share alike.

So this is my Share n’ Share event. You share a story with me, and I’ll share a free ebook copy of Remedy or Ravel with you!


Here’s how it works:

-Post a comment to this blog entry. In that comment, write an original short story of no less than 100 words. (I’ll be checking with this word count tool.)

-The theme is magic. Your story needs to include the word “magic” at least once. Use that word literally or figuratively, however you choose.

-This event is about participation, not skill. It’s okay if you’ve never written a short story before. Your entry doesn’t need to be the best thing anyone’s ever read. Just give it a shot!

-In your comment, include an email address I can contact you at. Also indicate your preferred ebook file type (.epub, .mobi or .pdf), and whether you’d like Remedy or Ravel.

-This event closes on January 31st, 9 PM EST.

-Tell your friends!

2 Comments on “Share n’ Share: Stories about magic”

  1. Giro E. says:

    I haven’t written any stories in years but here goes….

    The moon shone brightly that night, surrounded by a field of crystal stars. Its silver light spilled down into the window, where Shayde was sitting at his work desk. He had his father’s old books piled around him and a frown deeply set into his face.
    “This will be worth it,” he thougt.” Memories of the magicians’ tournament came rushing back. There were so many famous magicians in the marble-pillar stadium that day. So many powerful magicians throwing bursts of fire and ice and earth magic and deflecting attacks of the very same variety. But anyone who wanted to wield such a mighty power had to understand it first.
    “I’m going to be a magician,” Shayde said quietly to himself. He opened one old tome and coughed at the dust that was stirred up. He growled in annoyance. But then the dust cleared and there was only the thick ink letters inside the book, plus plenty of moonlight for reading them by.
    Shayde smiled, and then he began to read.

    I hope its okay that nothing actually happened, haha! My email is catalan_the_donkey @ hotmail . com and I’d like a .pdf file of your Remedy book please.

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