Stumbling toward Render’s release

Hey, readers! Sorry about the lack of a Friday post. I was going to talk about the significance of Render‘s title, but it’s taking more work than anticipated to get Render formatted and ready for showtime. Gotta write the book before I can sit around talking about it! It’s especially important to me that I have paperback copies of Render for my appearance at What The Fur?, an anthropomorphic convention I attend each year.


With how the past week has been going, I really should be wearing a “Pardon our mess, we’re renovating” sign on my forehead. I’ve been putting in 8-hour editing days (and/or nights). I’m walking around dazed when I’m not at my computer, because my mind is still in Aligare. I even managed to tell you folks the wrong release date for Render, because this Monday is not, in fact, May the 7th! This is one of the perils of self-publishing and trying to do everything yourself. But I’m confident that my days of addled squirrel-brain are worth it for this story I’ll be sharing with the world.


I’ll try to release Render this Monday, as intended. But if I’m not satisfied with the quality, of course I’m not going to do that. We could say Render will come out on Monday or May the 7th? Yes, let’s say that. Whenever it happens, I’ll give a few copies away. See you in a few days!

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