Is it weird to be writing yet another book?

Times sure have changed. Writing a book used to be a laborious process available only to the rich and privileged, every letter of every word copied out meticulously by hand onto some animal hide. But now, anyone can put out a book in under a year! If you write that fast. And depending on the amount of research and development. Editing sometimes takes a few more years. And we should probably count the years of elementary school that teach us to read and write— Look, it’s complicated, but it’s nowhere near as complicated in 2013 as it used to be.



And if a fiction author is trying to make anything resembling a living, they pretty much have to put out new writing on a regular basis. The list of authors who achieved bestsellerdom on one book is vanishingly small. And with over 100 million books — and counting — spread throughout human history, readers have no shortage of other things to do if an author they like doesn’t have anything more to offer. It’s easy to be forgotten unless you keep saying, “Hey, I made a new thing!” and keep providing new experiences.


This has been common knowledge to me since I was old enough to drink. But a lot of people seem to find it surprising that I’m always thinking about the next book. I’ve been mentioning Render‘s release to coworkers and they usually say, “You’re writing another book?!” Which blows my mind because I can’t imagine writing only one book — especially when my first book was a fantasy world with a lot of constructed elements. Unless I got sick of that creative process — or hated it to begin with — I can’t imagine just walking away and finding some other use for my time.


I guess people are surprised that I’m still writing because of way novel-writing and authors can seem so mysterious.  A book is often thought to be a singular work you produce when you’re retired and writing your memoir. Or that one lightning strike of divine inspiration — that one “great idea for a book” that supposedly shoots a person to stardom. Finishing a book at all, ever, is an achievement most folks find impressive. So it’s not that they expect me to spend the rest of my life hawking Remedy and only Remedy  — gawd, I hope not. It’s just that finishing one book is, itself, something not everyone does. It’s like I’m stating, “I climbed a mountain. It was an incredible experience that took resources and skill, and I could have died. But I did it. So, yeah, I’m gonna do it again next month.” Next month?!


I am definitely taking a break before I start on my next project. I’ve been taking a little more Internet browsing time and writing some just-for-fun stuff that’ll never have a cover, or an ISBN. But there’ll be more books. I’ve got more to say and more weird premises to dig into. The Aligare world alone has a lifetime of material for me to explore, but I don’t plan on limiting to myself to one invented world.


After 3 works published, I think it’s safe to say that I’ll be providing new reading experiences for some time to come.

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