So what’s my next book going to be?

After the rush to get Render done for convention showtime, I was pretty mentally worn out. There have been a few weeks where I didn’t think much about my original works except to discuss them on blog days. I’ve been writing some fanworks just for fun, just to play with ideas. I think rest is as much a part of written creativity as any other part of life.

But I’m getting my vigour back. Today, I took another run at a short story idea I’ve been poking at for some time. It was an incomplete concept I had never known quite what to do with, but today I suddenly have a plot and thematic structure to round it all out. And so I write.

I’m confident enough to say this: my next book is going to be a short story collection. The theme will be dragons — because there are so many ways to look at the nearly-universal concept of dragons.


Some dragon art from Varna, Bulgaria.


Dragons can represent anything in the spectrum of human awareness. They’re wild and terrifying, but capable of nobility and kindness. They’re far different from humans and yet familiar to nearly every culture in the world. I think I can produce a nice medley of short stories about them. And there’ll definitely be an Aligare story or two, looking at how korvi see things.

When will this short story collection be published? Within the year, probably. I’ll see how it goes.

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