Some minor adjustments to Render

While looking through Render for excerpt passages, I’ve noticed a few sentences that don’t flow as well as I’d like. It’s enough to bother me. Render was released on a tighter schedule than my previous works and I didn’t have time for as many minor revision passes as would be ideal.

The ideal number of revision passes is generally considered to be 27 billion.

The ideal number of revision passes for a novel is approximately 27 billion.

But hey, one of the benefits of self-publishing primarily in ebook format? Is that I can make adjustments whenever I please! I’m combing through Render now, and I’ll be updating the files sometime in the next few days.

If you’ve already obtained Render and you want this freshly spruced-up version, just drop me an email. Smashwords users can just redownload the newer file when it’s available. I’ll post another update when I’m done — and I’ll probably have a giveaway, too. Stay tuned!

2 Comments on “Some minor adjustments to Render”

  1. I think Amazon lets users do that too.

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