Aligare’s lucky numbers and their basis in lore

The creation myth in Aligare says that life and magic came from a plant, the Greatbloom. It blossomed for 48 years, then died in an instant.

Attempt #2 to colour this lineart.

Attempt #2 to colour this lineart.

That 48-year period is a unit of measurement in Aligare: an elden. Like how we have a particular word for a period of 100 years. Why does Aligare use such a random number?

Well, Aligare doesn’t have as much regard for factors of 10. For aemets, korvi and ferrin, a “nice, even number” doesn’t necessarily end in a zero. They’re more interested in factors of 2. Standing on 2 legs is stable; standing on 4 legs is even more stable. The sentient races have 4 digits on each hand and foot, and so do most of the wildlife. There are 2 high gods and 4 gods. The land seems to revolve around pairs and quartets, so these are the numbers considered important.

Four is a particularly lucky number because it’s 2 squared. If an Aligare citizen is particularly religious or superstitious, they’ll noticably prefer their life to be arranged in twos and fours. It’s a common preference in aemets.


“Feor, his name is?” Judellie leaned to see the dog better, to consider him. “Is that a special name …?”

“It’s likely based on four,” Mother said. She spoke confident: she knew every custom that had ever been declared lucky.

“The breeder said something like that,” Rue added. “He’s the fourth pup of his litter.”

“I’m glad he went to you,” Mother admitted. She worked an arm behind Rue, to put a love-soft hand on Rue’s shell. “You two match. Two is a half-measure of luck, you know.”

Render (A story of Aligare), Chapter 7

Not everything falls into twos and fours. Most notably, there are 3 peoplekind races. And that part about 2 or 4 legs for stability? Well, korvi use their tails as a third leg. If everything were lucky or fated, then luck and fate wouldn’t be meaningful. But to be a crowd-pleaser in Aligare, your best bet is still to make everything divisible by 2.

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