Posting schedule change, plus a Render giveaway

I’ve been considering changing this blog’s update schedule for months now. I’ve been failing to keep my twice-weekly schedule, and relying on flashback posts sometimes. General Internet consensus is that blogs must update a minimum of twice weekly, lest those blog be forgotten about. But you know, I’d rather craft updates I’m happy with than just slap something up on certain days of the week. I’ve never had a lot of regard for arbitrary rules and that twice-weekly rule? Seems pretty arbitrary to me.

So henceforth, this blog will update on Mondays only. I hope this’ll give me enough space to make my content more … contentful. Maybe write more legends and draw more creatures.

But hey, that scheduling announcement isn’t really Aligare-related content. And today is Monday. So here’s what I’m going to do: a Render paperback giveaway!


Render (A story of Aligare) is the tale of Rue, a young aemet woman trying to save her mountain village from strangely aggressive wolves.

I’m expecting a box full of the new, sleeker-sized Render paperbacks. This box’s estimated delivery date is September 23rd, one week from now. So how about I open that box, take one of the books, sign it, and mail it to a lucky winner? Yes, let’s do that.


The rules:

-To enter, post about Render (A story of Aligare) on social media. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, or any other site you want. That post must include a working link to either the Books page of this site, or Render on Amazon.

Email me a link to your social media post. I can’t count it if I haven’t seen it! My email is If you win, I’ll email you back to ask for your shipping details.

-One entry per person. Let’s be honourable, folks.

-This contest is open worldwide. I’ll ship anywhere! Unless you live somewhere ridiculous like Antarctica or a space station.

-Contest closes at 11:59 PM EST, September 22nd. Winner will be selected using

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