Once again, it’s paper mache season

Since I have two anthropomorphic conventions on my roster this year, I’m working on another Aligare display piece. Like the big paper maché figure of Peregrine that I brought to several years’ worth of cons — but this new maché piece will depict the latest Aligare novel, Render. Here’s the base, which I’m still adding paper layers to:


The Playstation controller is there to show scale. …Also because it just happened to be sitting on the kitchen table.


It’ll be a one-piece diorama, with Felixi landing in the daisy field to meet Rue. Felixi will be afixed to the tree trunks, and he’ll be finished with a layer of real feathers. Rue (who doesn’t have a head yet, but she will, don’t worry) will be looking up at Felixi, holding a basket of trade goods. Glowing eyes will peek out of the forest shadows — the eyes of wolves? Ferrin? Both? And the treetops will probably have some text on them, maybe a brief summary of Render‘s story. Not sure yet.

I love building stuff like this, because it gives me the opportunity to see my characters in a somewhat more real form. I start with skeletons of cardboard, wire and drinking straws, then I add flour-gooed paper layers until it’s solid and stable. Very relaxing stuff. Also, my paper maché works are more interesting to look at than just a stack of books on a table. Peregrine was a popular conversation starter at my previous convention stops — before all the travelling took its toll and his horns broke off.

While I’ve got my hands in paper maché paste, I’m also making a dragon for the cover of the upcoming Serpents of Sky. He’s closer to his finished dimensions, but he still needs more layers:


How better to make a distinctive book cover than to use original artwork? And who says the artwork has to be 2-dimensional, huh? When this guy is all finished and painted up, I’ll take a photo of him and give him a nice digital expanse of sky to look at.

So if I’m not busy enough with a head full of short stories (hah!), this art will keep me occupied for the next few months. Hopefully no one phones me while I’m up to my elbows in paper goo …


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2 Comments on “Once again, it’s paper mache season”

  1. They look amazing, Heidi! And they’re not even finished yet! :)

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