Short story publications

Repast (A Story of Aligare), the tale of Vee the ferrin gathering art supplies for a hermit, while helping sniff out the reasons people are drawn to works of ink. Published in Gods With Fur (2016, Furplanet Productions, winner of the 2016 Cóyotl Award for Best Anthology)

Reason (A Story of Aligare), the story of aemet Linden trying to save her town’s shrine tree — and save the life of a drowning ferrin. Published in ROAR 7 (2016, Furplanet Productions)

To Sing Which Tune, a modern-day interpretation of sirens. Published in Distorted (2014, Transmundane Press).

-Short story contributions to What The Fur? conbooks, published in 2013, 2015 and 2016.



All of my books are stand-alone works. They can be read in any order the reader chooses. The Stories of Aligare share a secondary world setting and some recurring characters, but each story was different main characters and storylines.

tinderstrickenfin_1750-by-2500Tinder Stricken

Currently unavailable for purchase.

Published May 26th, 2015.

Genre: High fantasy
Word count: 89 600


On Tselaya Mountain, all humans transform into animals as a consequence of age — but for fieldwoman Esha, goat horns began growing in when she was just a child. Now in her forties, unmarried and alone, Esha scrambles to pay for her own retirement before she is more goat than person.

But when Esha stumbles into the wrong patch of forest, a wild phoenix steals her heirloom khukuri knife. Unwilling to lose her treasure before she can sell it, Esha forges a deal with Atarangi, a back-alley diplomat who speaks to animals. Together, the two women climb mountain plateaus to reach the wild phoenix’s territory. With enough tact and translation magic, the bird might be convinced to give Esha’s retirement fund back.

But the question remains: why did the phoenix steal an heirloom in the first place? What debt could a wild, free creature possibly need to pay?



serpentscoverpngSerpents of Sky: Nine stories of dragons

Currently unavailable for purchase.

Published May 19th, 2014.

Genre: Fantasy/sci-fi
Word count: 34 000


A collection exploring the many roles of dragons, in stories ranging from classical fantasy to dystopian sci-fi. Contains 9 exclusive short stories:

  • With Less Lament. When the terrible dragon attacks her city, an elderly woman finds shelter with the supernatural friends hiding in her garden.
  • Mistaken. A lyrical tale of the dragon’s golden hoard.
  • Cardiology. Trapped in his lab by the apocalypse, a young scientist bioengineers dragons in hopes of making the world right.
  • Clearsight. Two dragons, astral beings of great power, strive to nurture life on primitive Earth — and protect it from disaster.
  • Iron Workings. A flightsuit-clad human boy flies his first mission under tiny but tyrannical dragon masters, while one of those masters whispers in his ear about mutiny.
  • Another Odyssey. Human society is very frustrating for a dragon, especially when her hoard of coffee cream runs out first thing in the morning.
  • In Lifetimes Spared. She was once a princess kidnapped by a terrible dragon. Now, the queen seeks to make peace between their species, with the help of the dragon she now calls her friend.
  • The Korvi’s Limbs. A folktale told by the people of Aligare, about how the korvi race grew from simple snakes into proud dragons.
  • Raise (A Story of Aligare). Tenver the ferrin strives to follow in his adopted korvi mother’s footsteps. But when he accidentally trades away her eggshells — a korvi’s most personal possession — he must chase down the merchant he traded with.


rendercoverfin1Render (A story of Aligare)

Currently unavailable for purchase.

Published May 6th, 2013.

Genre: High fantasy mystery/coming of age
Word count: 101 100


They built new homes under mountain maples, hoping for luck. But for the aemet folk of Aloftway village, there has been much work and meagre reward. After poor harvests and a brush with forest fire, now wolves are striking down folk who venture into the forest. Without a precedent in their legends to guide them, all aemetkind knows to do is hope and pray.

Rue is a young aemet coming of age in this troubled community. Named after a lucky plant, she has never cared much for luck. She believed from the start that it was folly to move here, and when fellow aemets start turning up dead, Rue is through waiting. With her chemistry skills, her keen mind and a guard dog at her side, Rue promises herself that she’ll solve Aloftway’s problems. But she’ll need help from Felixi, a game-hunting korvi — who knows more about the wolf attacks than he’s willing to share.



Ravel (A story of Aligare)

Currently unavailable for purchase.

Published December 16th, 2011.

Genre: High fantasy romance/romantic friendship
Word count: 14,800
Cover art by Heidi C. Vlach


Aster Hane has all the things her aemet people cherish: a hard-working husband, new children, and a talent for her family’s traditional craftwork. What Aster doesn’t have is what she senses in the wind: knowledge of the world beyond her small village.

Then she meets Llarez of Arkiere, a korvi storyteller. With his jester’s approach to life, Llarez doesn’t mind doing an errand for Aster — and he doesn’t mind when Aster accidentally asks for more than she intended. With new thoughts planted in her mind, Aster begins to question whether her race’s ideal life is what she actually wants for herself. Llarez is glad to help her find the answer, but that only makes the choice harder.


Remedy, a story of AligareRemedy (A story of Aligare)

Currently unavailable for purchase.

Published February 14th, 2011.

Genre: High fantasy medical drama
Word count: 96,300


After a century of mining, Peregrine is tired. He is an aging korvi whose mining work has ruined his hearing and forced him to rely on keen-eared weasel companions. With mounting guilt, proud Peregrine decides to change his profession and learn to look after himself. If he is no longer a deaf miner, then beloved assistant Tillian will have a chance to live a life of her own — whether she wants that or not.

Peregrine has barely made his choice when a dreaded plague strikes his aemet neighbours. The first community hit is a tiny village led by Rose, a young mage recently hurried into her late father’s leadership role. When Rose sends out a plea for help, Peregrine’s wings and Tillian’s support skills may save dozens of lives. But miner and earferrin will part ways for the first time in Tillian’s short life, and they will think about whether they should be parted for good.

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