Tinder Stricken giveaway to support Nepal earthquake relief



Some hours ago, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal near the capital city of Kathmandu. Information is still incoming but a state of emergency has been declared and the death toll at this time is over 2 500 people.

If you’ve talked to me in the past year, you’ve probably heard about my in-progress novel Tinder Stricken, a fantasy story set in a Nepal-inspired mountain society. And I haven’t mentioned this before, but seismic activity plays a major role in Tinder Stricken’s story. An earthquake in Chapter 2 cause Esha to lose a close friend and alters the course of her life. Further into the plot, earthquakes turn out to be a significant threat to Esha’s new non-human allies. A particularly large earthquake near the end of the story does a lot of damage to humans and non-humans alike, and Tselaya Mountain’s society is changed forever.

My story is fiction with phoenixes and magic in it. But still, I’ve been drawing influence from Nepal’s real people and history, and I regret that my book will release at a time when Nepali people are trying to rebuild their lives. Tinder Stricken not an attempt to cash in on current events and I hope it won’t be perceived that way. Removing the earthquakes from Tinder Stricken would mean completely remaking Esha’s story — and despite unfortunate timing, I don’t think censoring fiction is an appropriate way to deal with difficult issues. If anything, fiction helps us rationalize the real world.

As a writer trying to encourage broader minds, I should try to do the real Nepal some good in this difficult time. I think the best thing I can do with my upcoming book is to help the fundraising efforts for the Nepal earthquake relief efforts.

Therefore, if you donate money to a Nepal relief fund before May 22nd, I’ll give you a free ebook copy of Tinder Stricken on that May 22nd release day.
There’s no minimum donation for this event. Any amount helps.
You can choose Global Giving, the Red Cross, or any other charity organization you’d like. Just be careful that it’s a legitimate charity and not some scammer, okay?
To claim your free Tinder Stricken copy, email me at heidicvlach@yahoo.ca and attach a picture of your donation receipt (with personal information blanked out, if you’d prefer). I’ll note your email address and get in touch with you once Tinder Stricken is ready.

Please share this post and tell your friends. I hope I can help send some pocket money to a good cause — and give you folks a thought-provoking story to read, too.

100th blog post and an ebook giveaway

It was about a year ago that I began this new blog. Unlike my previous attempt at an authorblog, this one had a focus: my Stories of Aligare and the ideas tangentally related to them. Which isn’t actually very focused at all — but hey, if you wanted hard logic you’d probably be reading a technical manual, not some fantasy author’s train of thought.

And as much as my scattershot writer brain dislikes a posting schedule, I’ve been enjoying putting together little articles about me and my work. Sharing is fun! If I didn’t want to share the stuff I think, I probably wouldn’t have bothered taking up novel writing in the first place.

So in the spirit of generosity, all Stories of Aligare ebooks are free on Smashwords for the next 2 days.


Remedy, a story of Aligare

Ravel, a story of Aligare

Render, a story of Aligare

It’s part of Smashwords’s Summer/Winter Sale. Which respects the hemospheric difference in seasons! Very cool, Smashwords, very cool. At checkout, just enter the coupon code in the book’s sidebar information. Afterward, you’ll be able to download your choice of file format. I recently had all 3 ebooks professionally formatted — so if you’ve downloaded a Story of Aligare from Smashwords before, you might want to redownload the newer version. (Remedy is being as stubborn as its main character Peregrine, and the 100% discount coupon isn’t showing up yet. It’s 50% off at the moment. If this doesn’t unbug itself and you really want a free copy, email me and I’ll gladly send you one.)

If you’ve just been idly curious about my writing, now’s your chance to grab one of my books without spending your coffee money! Coffee is important; I understand. And please do share this giveaway with all your family, friends and passing acquaintances who might find the Aligare world interesting!



Render, a story of Aligare, is available now!

Good news, everyone! Render, the latest story of Aligare, is now available in ebook and paperback.


They built new homes under mountain maples, hoping for luck. But for the aemets — the insect-like folk of Aloftway village — there has been much work and meagre reward. After poor harvests and a brush with forest fire, now wolves are striking down folk who venture into the forest. Without a precedent in their legends to guide them, all aemetkind knows to do is hope and pray.

Rue is a young aemet coming of age in this troubled community. Named after a lucky plant, she has never cared much for luck. She believed from the start that it was folly to move here, and when fellow aemets start turning up dead, Rue is through waiting. With her chemistry skills, her keen mind and a guard dog at her side, Rue promises herself that she’ll solve Aloftway’s problems. But she’ll need help from Felixi, a game hunter of the dragon-like korvi race — who knows more about the wolf attacks than he’s willing to share. 

Ebook available from Smashwords or Amazon. More retailers to come.

Paperback available from Amazon or direct from Createspace.

In a nutshell, Render has the positive themes and personal introspection of any Story of Aligare. But it also has some scenes of action and violence, and a psychological thriller element where characters have to fight their instincts as well as fighting dangerous animals. If you found Remedy a little slow, you’ll probably like Render better. Render can be considered New Adult, too, because protagonist Rue is just finding her footing as a responsible, working adult of her kind.

Because I’m excited to share this book with the world, I want to give it away! I’m going to start out at 3 free ebook copies: 1 book each each for Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook. Just retweet/reblog/share my contest posts to enter. Contest ends at midnight EST on May 9th. At that time, I’ll use http://www.random.org to pick the winners. If any one media site gets over 20 reposts/reblogs/shares, I’ll add more ebook copies to its prize pool.  Render is available in .epub, .mobi and .pdf, all of which are DRM-free.

Share n’ Share: Stories about magic

While I work on Render, the next story of Aligare, I want as many people as possible to read Remedy and Ravel. I figure it couldn’t hurt to y’know, share and share alike.

So this is my Share n’ Share event. You share a story with me, and I’ll share a free ebook copy of Remedy or Ravel with you!


Here’s how it works:

-Post a comment to this blog entry. In that comment, write an original short story of no less than 100 words. (I’ll be checking with this word count tool.)

-The theme is magic. Your story needs to include the word “magic” at least once. Use that word literally or figuratively, however you choose.

-This event is about participation, not skill. It’s okay if you’ve never written a short story before. Your entry doesn’t need to be the best thing anyone’s ever read. Just give it a shot!

-In your comment, include an email address I can contact you at. Also indicate your preferred ebook file type (.epub, .mobi or .pdf), and whether you’d like Remedy or Ravel.

-This event closes on January 31st, 9 PM EST.

-Tell your friends!


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