Heidi’s art

Sometimes I draw and/or use an image editing program. Not as often as I write, but I do occasionally like to make visuals of my characters. The following blog posts contain art made by me:

Felixi of Velgarro: outcast in a friendly world

Aligare wildlife: the basilisk

Korvi festival ties

Aligare’s Barghest, the Legend Creature of judgement


Aligare wildlife: the pandora

Ferrin clothing: what my weasels wear

Aemets: a blend of mammal and insect

Aligare wildlife: the sylph

Aligare greetings

And each Story of Aligare book is prefaced by a diagram of the three peoplekinds, which was also drawn by me.

I do more extensive work with paper maché. These Remedy figures accompanied me to fantasy conventions in 2011/2012.


Peregrine, Tillian and Rose, made of paper maché, acrylic paints and various feathers, cloth and artificial fibres. Peregrine stands approximately 15 inches/38 cm tall. Rose has an LED light embedded in her hand, which illuminates the real quartz crystal she holds.



Other people’s art

The following people were awesome enough to draw scenes from the world of Aligare! Click on an image to see it full-size. Click on the artist’s name to see their own website/gallery.

Melanie Herring

As the cover artist for Remedy and Render, I think they get top billing in this art category.



The following sketches were traded for a paperback copy of Remedy. TwilightSaint also takes art commissions and makes custom habibis (little plush companion animals).

Peregrine and Tillian

Peregrine of Ruelle, pictured with Tillian Sri, call her Tillian


Giala of Heriette

Syril of Reyardine

Syril of Reyardine

Cammi Melendez

Webcomic artist and generally cool person. She takes commissions and does promotional artwork for businesses.


Tillian Sri, call her Tillian


Felixi of Velgarro


Commission artist and a fan of cute bugs!


Syd Smith/Regentzilla

Fellow writer and also a great commission artist. I’ve known this guy for years through our adventures in video game fanfiction.

Theodore the scientist and his bioengineered dragons, from my short story Cardiology

Theodore the scientist and his bioengineered dragons, from my short story Cardiology.

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